I am collaborating with over 50 artists across a wide range of disciplines to create a series of incredibly ambitious sort film projects


A short film in three short episodes. 

Director Rich Rusk

Producer Jack Bentinck

Cinematographer Finn Morrell

First Assistant Camera Zoe Villiers 

It’s a surreal short built around the simple challenges of decision making.

Most of the action takes place during one early morning run in the woods of North London. 

At sunrise, every day, before work, Hannah runs, she wants to clear her mind. She listens to a pod-cast featuring a panel of ‘experts’ who proceed to tell her how to be. The run soon becomes a surreal splice of reality and fantasy as she teleports across London, falls in and out of day dreams and ultimately finds her way through the woods alone.

This is not a Covid-19 film. This is simply a experimental physicalisation of a woman facing a range of decisions in her life. Hopefully encouraging the watcher to consider the path less travelled. We made it throughout various stages of lockdown, across a myriad of rules, tiers, guidelines and 

The Spriggan project was all about learning and trying new things for us; we were excited to learn about working in film with no budget, casting, writing for film, filming on location, sound recording and sound design for film, editing, managing the crew and all production elements. 

The final products are three pretty mad little episodes. The quality is variable across the board but I'm hugely proud of the team for the collaborative experimentation. This was a huge learning curve and I can't wait to implement all that I learned in the next film.



Written and Directed by Rich Rusk | Produced by Jack Bentinck | Director of Photography Finn Morrell | First Assistant Camera Zoe Villiers 


Created with


Daisy Franks | Stella von Koskull | Mark Notley | Anna Lumkin | Lois Baglin | Alice Gilby | Michael Lynch | Natalie Ayton | Marah Stafford | Thomasin Lawson | Sam Morris | Heloise Spring | Meghan Smith | Elizabeth Webster | Hannah Moss | Amy Rushent | Katie Vowles |Esme Wright | Joshua Griffin | Andres Velasquez | Ryen Perkins Gangnes | Katie Lusby


Special thank you to The Gatehouse | Rhiannon Morrell | Everyone who sent a self tape