Les Enfant Terribles (left) used this short video of their sharing - filmed and edited by Rich, to secure further investment and interest for their brilliant experimental production 'THE THING' in 2018.

Gecko (right) used this trailer, edited by Rich, to promote the screening of 'The Time of Your Life' which was broadcast live on BBC. Rich also worked on the production and guided the camera team on the night of filming.  

“Social media is about storytelling not ‘likes’, marketing is about investing in the relationship you have with your audience from the moment you start making until the moment they leave your venue.”


In 2001 Rich filmed a rehearsal of a show he was making for young audiences. He shared it at UK conference for theatre programmers and venues were so excited the show went on to tour over 60 venues. Ever since that moment Rich has been filming trailers, interviews and behind the scenes videos for audiences and their venues. 

By bringing the audience into the creative process through short films, honest behind-the-senes content and a genuine desire to inspire and excite - Rich has helped companies grow their audiences exponentially. As a freelance videographer, Rich’s online content has been watched well over a million times worldwide. Rich regularly works as a consultant for venues and organisations.

If you would like Rich to spend some time in your rehearsal space collecting photographs, videos and other marketing materials please contact him at

Trailers, production photography and social media content all available on request.